Year 3

In year 3 this week we have been getting a handle on e-learning and have been training to use Canvas. On Canvas we have been practicing watching videos of our regular classroom lessons, uploading work to the Canvas program, completing and submitting work in different electronic forms. This week has been an opportunity for students (and teacher) to understand more about e-learning and how we can all learn more independently. Students have taken the opportunity to think about their own study habits and have been choosing to work in regular classroom groups or independently using the video lessons with support in the classroom. In English we have been learning about different prepositions and we’ve noticed how some words can be used in many different contexts i.e. the word ‘next’ can be used as an adverbial of time or it can be part of the preposition ‘next to’. In Maths, we have been looking at analogue time. In these lessons we have focused on recognizing the correct hands, how each number on a clock represents different things depending on the hand and drawing time on clocks seeing how both the minute and hour hand moves at the same time. In Science we have been defining keywords for our unit and categorizing different elements according to their states. We have also been think about how different elements can come in more than one state – i.e. gold or water.

Year 4

This week we have faced unprecedented challenges, and I am very pleased with how Year 4 took all these challenges in their stride. We learned how important it is to read critically so that we can understand what we need to do in a set task. This week we completed our fantasy stories online, which made for some very creative writing! We learned about water erosion and researched how different clouds are formed. Well done Year4, you are off to a great virtual start!

Year 5

What a week this has been been! We have reached Friday, very much ready for the weekend but hopefully a lot clearer about where we will be going in terms of our Home Learning from Monday and over the next however number of weeks. Monday was the last day of the usual school day and routines as of Tuesday, the children very much spent their time getting used to using their devices in class. We have spent all our learning time in class this week working from Canvas and just getting familiar with the approach we must take in terms of reading the instructions set by myself and trying to work proactively and independently. I have said this a hundred times, this is a huge learning curve for myself and it will be for all the children however we will work through this together to maintain our daily routine, high standards and expectations for excellent learning. I do hope though that we will get to see each other again very very soon.


Year 6

This has been an extremely busy week for everyone involved in Year 6. We have been working extremely hard to get everyone prepared for the upcoming online learning that will be taking place over the next 3 week. All of the students have been doing an amazing job transitioning into an online learning environment and have been completing all tasks given to them daily. We are able to check and correct work, keep track of attendance and keep in complete contact with our classes. It has been a very busy but fun week! We are looking forward to the time ahead.