Year 1

What another fantastic week it’s been in Year 1 and everybody has certainly been busy! We have learned the new digraphs ‘ou’, ‘oi/oy’, ‘ue’, and have applied them in our reading, writing and spelling. We have continued with our labels in English and have started to think about describing words to make our labels more interesting to read. In Maths, we have continued with our addition and subtraction, have revised one more/one less and looking at tens numbers again. During Topic time, we looked at different Kings and Queens, and discussed what they looked liked, what they wore and where they may have lived. In Science, we used our describing words to create descriptive sentences about wild animals. Well done to all! Have a safe and relaxing week off.

Year 2

What a great last week for Year 2! The Maslenitsa celebration was the icing on the cake!

We planned our fairytales as part of our creative writing projects and even wrote our first drafts. It is very exciting to read about the children’s characters and, of course, there is a moral to every story!

In Science, we conducted experiments on flotation regarding various objects and materials. Being scientists, we obviously recorded our results scientifically! Each child also wrote a hypothesis and conclusion based on our experiments, as well as scientific diagrams.

“Imagination is everything.” Albert Einstein