Dear Parents,

As children in EYFS happily settle into classroom routine, the weather has been cooperating with our new theme: what’s the weather? During circle time, students start the day with our ‘Hello Song’, and practicing our new songs: What’s the Weather, It is Raining, Mr. Sun, If it’s Windy…

Students have started the year off learning to recognize their name in print, as well as starting to trace the letters. Pre-writing skills are being introduced during table time, with special attention to finger grip for Nursery, and letter direction for Reception.

In Maths, students have reviewed shapes, patterns, colours, and sorting: a great way to get to know the classroom and where toys belong when it’s tidy up time!

A lovely group of children for EYFS, teachers look forward to a happy and productive week 3.


(Ms. Holly and Ms. Nastya)