What a wonderful Autumn Festival! Thank you to all parents for getting into the spirit of Halloween! Spooky and imaginative creations were worn by all! Together the children designed spooky monsters and wicked witches and furry spiders. They even thought of magical spells using slimy concoctions! It was a fantastic way to end our first half-term! Now we are looking forward to a restful time in the holidays, before we get busy with our Celebrations unit, which we always enjoy! We hope you all have a great holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back refreshed for the next half-term.


We certainly had a very spooky feel to our final week before the October half term break. The children have enjoyed a very creative week, making Jack-O-Lanterns using two-dimensional paper shapes and scary ghosts that they proudly hung around the classroom. Halloween has certainly arrived early in Reception this week!

The children also decided to turn their pizza restaurant into a Spooky Café and worked hard designing revolting menus with the meal choices ranging from rice with spiders, snail soup and smelly toes on toast. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about creative writing. They were so proud of their achievements.

Another fun challenge has been collecting spiders and spiderlings from our giant cauldron with tweezers– not an easy task at all. The children worked with great focus and determination to catch the slippery arachnids and had great fun carefully counting out how many they had each managed to catch. They even decided that it would be a good idea to make a giant spider web to cover their cauldron and worked cooperatively to measure out lengths of tape. Deciding where to place the tape was a hot topic for discussion as the children shared their ideas and then decided as a team the best place to attach each strip of tape. It really did look very authentic.

However, the highlight of the week has definitely been dressing up for Friday’s Halloween party. The excitement in the classroom was tangible. What a wonderful way to end this first half term of the school year.

Happy holidays everyone!