Nursery and Reception participated in many learning opportunities this week. We have continued our music and dance routines with great enthusiasm. We are looking forward to showcasing our Winter Celebration production to our family next week via zoom.

We consolidated all the ‘Jolly Phonic’ sounds that we have learned this term. We continue to practise our number and letter formation, paying particular attention to holding our writing tools correctly. We learned how to play sound bingo. This was so exciting and we became very competitive to see who could find the picture the fastest. This was a great game to reinforce all the new English words we have learned.

In Maths, we continued to learn about prepositional language and measurement. We have reinforced our shape knowledge through the manipulation of geometric designs, thus exercising eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Nursery and Reception painted their playdough stars and enjoyed crafting and counting glitter playdough stars to add to our role play area on space, as we completed our theme on ‘Light and Dark’.

We explored a new painting technique using water colours and a fine brush. We completed a beautiful elf picture for our Winter Celebration classroom door. Mummy and Daddy will be able to add this beautiful painting to their memorable collection of when I was in ‘Early Years’.