“Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever…” So, thank you to all our wonderful teachers for all they do throughout the year. Also, a very big thank you to the entire PTA! Our school was filled with happiness as the parents and students shared heart felt messages for each teacher. Following our EIS tradition of awarding Stars of the Week each Friday, today we awarded each and every teacher their own star of the week and the children had the final say on why each teacher should receive the award and the reasons they chose make each certificate special from “being the smartest Russian”, “smiling and being positive” and “also singing and being fun” each and every reasons shows what a amazing team of educators we have here at EIS West. The teachers were also treated to special songs that the children had been practicing with Ms. Kate and Mr. Marsh. The whole day was amazing and I am sure I can speak for all of the teachers when I say they left school feeling loved and appreciated.

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Eis West Newsletter 5Th October 2018