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Please contact the school by phone or email to arrange a visit where you will meet the Principal. This will give us the chance to show you the first class facilities, and more importantly, the living, working school. It is ideal if you can bring your child with you as we like you to see the real school in action.

To enrol your child at English International School, Moscow South-West, please complete the online application form and our admissions department will be in touch. There is no charge for the initial application. If accepted, you will receive a letter from us confirming your child’s place at the school.

On receipt of the Assessment Fee, which also serves as a registration charge, a place at the school for your child is reserved and guaranteed. Note that school fees are as published: there is no additional capital charge or seat fee at EIS Moscow.

The School Secretary will write to you subsequently with details of the beginning of term arrangements, the school bus service and uniform requirements. Please note that school fees must be paid on or before the first day of term.

Since joining EIS, both of my children have gained confidence in speaking and writing English - they have improved quickly and seem to be making great progress. 

If you'd like to find out more about English International School Moscow and its 3 campuses - East, West and South-West -simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch. 



Who owns English International School?

The school is owned by Orbital Education UK Ltd. Orbital was founded in 2005 by Kevin McNeany, whose experience in the founding, development and administration of international schools is second to none.  Orbitlal now owns and operates 10 schools around the world.

How does Orbital manages its schools?

Orbital Education schools are high quality schools.Their educational programme and management, their high quality educational facilities and the quality of its staff are all first class. In addition Orbital’s team of experts provides support in the vital areas of finance and marketing and promotion. The team of International Education Development Officers, through their regular management visits and inspections provide parents with the confidence that their children are receiving the best of British education.

Can students transfer to other UK or international schools?

Yes.  As the National Curriculum is well defined, transfer to any other British style school anywhere in the world is straight forward. Orbital Education’s experience with pupils in all their schools is that pupils transfer without difficulty to other international schools and to schools in the home country. The School actively helps parents in this transfer process by providing full transcripts enabling children to integrate smoothly into their new school.

Does English International School welcome learners of English?

Yes we do. Younger children need not have any English.  As they get nearer to the examination years, they require progressively stronger English skills. We welcome a minority of non-Anglophones in every class.

Does English International School qualify as a Russian School?

No. Although we teach the Russian Language to every year group, we do not teach the Russian National Curriculum and are thus not a local Russian school.