It has been an interesting and exciting year for us all to say the least. It has been a joy to teach the Year 3 students this year. They have shown remarkable resilience and excellent attitude with the changes in recent months. Throughout the year the behaviour in the classroom from everyone has been fantastic. It has been a real pleasure to see the unity in the class even when close friends have left and others have arrived, everyone was still welcoming and inclusive.

The class has enjoyed the different events throughout the year – from Halloween, Book Day and Sports Day, our students have taken part and given their best efforts in everything.

This year has been a challenge for us all, however the students have shown great resilience over recent months with their effort and love of learning undiminished despite the circumstances. I wish the students every success next year whether they are returning to us in September or moving onto pastures new.

Year 4

Year 4 has done very well this week! We have been working extremely hard to push through new challenges, continue to learn new technologies and, because we are so smart, we persevered and were very successful. We have also been working on creating our very own Alien Planets for Space Exploration Week. It has been a very challenging week but a great week for us in Year 4!


This has been another busy, productive and fun week with Year 5 who have also been attending all their calls every day. I know that everyone is tired but it has been a real positive to see everyone logging in to Zoom, contributing great ideas and then going away to work independently on this week’s fun tasks. Like Years 4 and 6, the 5’s have been using Pixton to create their own Survival Guides to Year 5 and I have absolutely loved seeing the result of each stage of this work. The children are clearly using the notes we have shared together during the calls and inserting key points into their guides with great effect. I have been much amused! We would just like to thank Mr Marsh for his time and effort in setting the children up on this software. The 5’s have also been considering how maths is used or found in different types of art such as Escher drawings, Celtic art and design and Mazes. There has been great thinking and contemplation at the use of geometry to create artwork, thereby keeping our brain cells growing even as we begin to relax in the final few days before the summer holiday.


Year 6 has had a very busy but fun and exciting week. We have been working hard to ensure all work is done and complete leading up to the end of the year. We have also had a great time preparing our own Alien Planets for Space Exploration Week. We created features, atmospheres and landscapes for our own planets. It has been a great week and we are all very proud of all our hard work!


In our final week this year, we fixed the knowledge in the field of workout. We have developed our physical skills in squats, sit-ups, plank and intensive training. All children showed good understanding, impression work and efficiency. I very proud of children’s result and I hope to see them next year.


This year primary pupil worked really hard to get good results in learning French. They remembered grammar structures, new words in order to use them now in speaking. For year 3 pupils this year was the first for learning French. Even it was hard sometimes , they did all the best to understand and to love this beautiful language. Y3 pupils are really hardworking and creative. Year 4 has made a huge progress this year. They have learnt to talk about present, future and past actions which is very good for their age. Year 5 is a different class as all the pupils are at different levels in French. But all in all, they helped each other to understand French better. We can call year 6 pupils little interpreters as they even can help you to buy clothes or food in the French shops if you don’t know French. Year 6 pupils are one of the most successful in school as they covered so many topics during this year: transport, travelling, shops, places in the city and directions, hotels, new technologies, etc. I hope all primary will do great next year! Bonne chance et aimez le français !


KS 2 students studied new topics and enjoyed games in the Russian language. In the Russian language classes, children participated in different fun activities during the week, like educational computer games and competitions. Pupils from Year 3/4 had a reading competition. Hassnan took the first place and we congratulate the winner!


Year 4 works on their keyboard and music reading skills. This week they have learned about flats and sharps, practiced to read and play them, and worked on performing instrumental break of the song Wake Me Up. Year 5 continues to explore key signatures. This week they have been working on minor keys. Year 6 has learned about opera. Students were fascinated by the aria of the Queen of the Night from Mozart's Magic Flute. They have learned about different types of opera voices, libretto, and arias.