It's hard to believe that we have come to the last final week of the academic year and although it has been a strange one, we have all been in high spirits with a positive attitude! Well done to everyone!

In maths lessons, we have been looking at Days of the Week and Months of the Year. We used Seesaw to order them from the first to the last, and also answered questions by counting the days to find what day is in 2 days time etc. Our mental maths skills have progressed lots due to our morning meetings where maths is the focus.

In english, we have been writing the beginning, middle and ends of our fairy tales. Many of us have added interesting characters, adjectives to describe them and some really different settings! We have continued with our daily reading which has seen us make a vast improvement in our fluency and comprehension skills too.

During ICT, we used our coding skills to direct a monkey and give him different instructions to climb, jump, go around the tree and more! In topic lessons, we watched some of the Olympic highlights and painted an Olympic scene based on our favourite sport/highlight of the games.


Well, this is it, our last newsletter of the year! It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my first of the year. So much has happened and it will be a year to remember.

This week we have been doing some English assessments to make sure the children are accurately positioned for next year and start as they mean to go on. The fact some children are managing Year 3 reading/comprehension activities with relative ease is a huge testament. Progress for all has been very pleasing.

We have also undertaken fun Science experiments using various liquids, solved murders and escaped from a haunted house by working together and solving puzzles. I have enjoyed reading to the children and engaging in critical thinking activities this week. It’s something children should be exposed to regularly, in my opinion.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and this group of children. So many individuals with different strengths but they made a great team at the same time. We celebrated our differences because we knew they made us stronger as a unit.

You have been amazing, Year 2! Well done!

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” Alfred Mercier


In our final week this year, we fixed the knowledge in the field of workout. We have developed our physical skills in squats, sit-ups, plank and intensive training. All children showed good understanding, impression work and efficiency. I very proud of children’s result and I hope to see them next year.


KS1 students read fairy tales and discussed.


KS1 keeps learning musical instruments. Year 1 has started to explore stringed instruments such as guitar, mandolin and banjo. Year 3 has finished learning woodwind instruments. Now, they know why oboe and bassoon are called double reeds instruments.