The end of any school year is always a bitter sweet time, bitter because it is a time to say goodbye to your class, who have become such an important part of your everyday existence and sweet because there is a long summer holiday to look forward to.

I would like to time this time to reflect on the year that is quickly drawing to a close. The first day began with an onslaught of tears and panic from our young learners, however, these tears were soon replaced by giggles and laughter. They have had a fantastic year, and our class has grown from 6 to 13. The children have worked hard and hopefully had fun while doing so. We have baked, had messy Fridays, played, danced and sung our way through this year. Each child has made significant progress in various areas of the curriculum and can be proud of their achievements. Each member of the class has brought their own personality. There is Yu Han is, as the saying goes “Dynamite comes in small packages”. She has brought a positive energy to the class,has a strong will, yet at the same time is caring and considerate of others. Ana, one of the youngest members of our class, has blossomed before our eyes. She too is determined, feisty and stubborn, all of which are great qualities for one so young. Shahzaib is a quiet, pensive member of the class with a gorgeous smile. He enjoys playing and has a great time outside during playtime. Manuella joined us in January and has been a real asset to the class. Her manners are as impeccable as her dance moves. She is a pleasant, respectful, happy child. Next is Barbara, you hear her before you see her. She loves Frozen and enjoys singing Frozen songs, talking, dancing and playing. Barbara is a lively member of the class and her language skills are incredible.

Ayan is another lively, excited member of the class, arriving each day with a smile and happy to be at school.

Alexandra, Alexander, Ildar, Daria, Anna and Haha were also members of our class for a time and also brought much fun to our lessons.

We have had an awesome year and I have been proud to be their teacher. Despite moving to online learning, I have had an awesome time teaching the children of EIS Early Years. I wish you all a happy, healthy summer holiday!


Early years were working on their songs this week. They really enjoyed singing Wheels on the Bus with movements and tic toc part of Hickory Dickory Dock played on the percussion instruments.