Year 3

Predictions, predictions, predictions! The scientists in year 3 were all busy this week. They posed a very interesting question for our fair test. What would happen if we put coins in coca cola and coke zero? The scientist came up with many different predictions. They then set up the experiments and began to observe what happens. We’ll have a conclusion next week. The other highlight of the week was learning about right angels and finding the perimeter of shapes. Lots of good learning this week!

Year 4

This week, in English, we finished reading ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, and were pleased to discover that the Grace children made peace with the Boggart. In Maths, we learnt about factor pairs of numbers, and played the game ‘Balloon Pop’ to practise identifying factor pairs. In Science lessons, we looked at phytoplankton and zooplankton, and the role they play in the food web of the oceans. In Topic lessons, we learnt about Queen Anne, and how she established the Kingdom of Great Britain. In Art lessons, we designed our own cards to give to our family and friends on Valentine’s Day.

Year 5

Year 5 loved the opportunity to design some of the props for our class assembly. They have started to make chest armor and headpieces ready to wear for next Friday. In English, Year 5 have started to add innovations to create their own Russian Traditional tale. During Theme, they have explored the devastating effects of Chernobyl and used them to write a newspaper about the tragic events. In Maths, we investigated the difference between the Greatest Common Factor and the Lowest Common Multiple.

Year 6

Friendship and love is in the air! What a lovely week we had here in Year 6 celebrating Valentine’s Day and learning all about this joyful occasion. This week we started writing our own short stories, using stylistic elements learned from our previous unit called “Fantastic, Funny, and Frightening”. In sciences we learned all about creatures and created our own animal that had unique features to a specific habitat. In topic, we began our research project about lobotomy and the science behind it. In Maths we solidified some of our mental math strategies but this time it was a bit more challenging as we worked with decimal numbers. It was another great week for us!