Year Six

What an amazing year we have had in Year 6. Some highlights that come to mind for me as your teacher include the many days throughout the year we had the opportunity to dress up as shown in these photographs. Your Winter Concert performance was absolutely amazing. The many unique personalities that brought humour to our classroom and the dedication to learning shown by you all was unbelievable. You were all a tremendous class this year, and I truly enjoyed being your teacher. Either going to the Darwin museum or transitioning to online learning, you all really did a great job of showing how you are student leaders for EIS West and can handle any challenge that is presented to you. I am going to miss being in Moscow and being your teacher at EIS West, and you are all so smart and are all going to do some great things. I am really proud of the progress you have all made over this last school year, and I wish you all the best in secondary school, wherever in the world that might be. Thank you for such a great year at EIS Year 6!!!!

Year Four

As Year 4 pupils, we have thoroughly enjoyed our learning journey with Mr. Ward and Ms Aida. We learnt about celebrations in Italy, and considered the moral lessons to be learnt in Collodi’s ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’: disobedience does not pay and telling lies is wrong. In Mathematics, we discovered that we should lookout for interesting number patterns, and that, a sound knowledge of Mathematics, helps us to understand the laws of the universe. Performing experiments in Science triggered our curiosity! We marvelled at Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment, which helped people better understand the nature of lightning. Performing our play, ‘Boudicca’s Rebellion’ for our proud parents gave us much pleasure and satisfaction! We were fascinated to read that King John’s nobles, who forced him to sign the Magna Carta in 1215, set a trend which has echoed down the centuries, leading to the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948. How fascinating it was to learn about the odd Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí, and his strange-looking animals in Art. In addition, we always looked forward to our Russian, ICT, Music and Physical Education lessons!

A Message of Thanks:

I extend to parents and caregivers sincere thanks for the wonderful support received throughout this academic year, and especially during lockdown. Pupils will attest to the fact that they never stopped learning! In fact, in many ways, they have mastered new skills, and, above all, have had to manage their learning far more effectively than they would have, had they been at school. I also extend thanks to my Teacher Assistant, Ms. Aida whose untiring support proved invaluable.

Year Three

It is with a tear in my eye that I sit here, alone at school, and write my last newsletter for the year. The year here at EIS West has been, in a word, AMAZING! As you all know, you can’t get much further away from Moscow than New Zealand. What a delight it was to meet the EIS West family of students and their families as well as all the people I work with. We have had a great year of learning. Trips to The Darwin Museum and The Science Museum were fun and educational. If only we had had time for more. Of course the events held at school were spectacular. Thank you Year 3 and your lovely whanau (family) for being an amazing class and making this challenging year a success.

Year Five

What a year. We started the year in a time machine blasting back to Ancient Greece. We learnt all about Gods, Myths and Democracy. From Greece, we jetted over to Brazil. In Brazil, we danced and sang at the Carnaval to a huge audience. Our next flight flew us to, Russia and Eastern Europe, we were able to sell holidays, plan holidays and put on a show for our parents. When we settled into Russian life, we learnt all about Trade & Economics and the corona virus. Each class member delivered a pitch to sell hand gel, masks or home comforters to the successful businessman Mr Bob. He was wowed by the innovative ideas. Year 5 continued to impress Miss Abi with their terrific Ted Talks, super South Korean tours and emotive environmental stories. Year 5 have proven themselves to be a unique, fun and hard working class. Thank you for all of the wonderful moments. Good luck in Year 6!