Year 2

It is amazing to look back over the photos of Year Two from this year! All the children have grown and changed so much, in height and in their academic ability! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Year Two this year. The children have blossomed! All of the children are kind, caring and interested in learning about the wider world around them! They have presented fantastic History and Geography Projects. They have worked together to write stories and share ideas. Our classroom was a happy, busy working place! The children in Year Two bring great joy to all who work with them. We were all sad when the quarantine was announced and we had to adapt to online learning. I am amazed at the resilience of the children, and how they continued to submit a high standard of work! I thank all parents for helping the children to navigate the online platforms and follow daily emails! I think all Parents deserve ‘Star’ certificates!! Year 2 continued to behave superbly online, they listened to each other, waited their turn, shared their ideas and opinions. Everyone made a great effort to participate in their online learning, with full attendance for most of our lessons. We are sad to say goodbye, but we hope to see you in September and of course, at our parades and school events! Year Two deserve a good rest over the summer months, as they all have worked very hard! Well done Year Two! Stay in touch! Have a wonderful summer! :)

Year 1

This year has been an adventure in Year One! Looking back, we began as a group of 10 students' speaking three different languages. It was hard to communicate in the beginning, however the students supported each other with pride. Ms. Tamara was also a very important piece of our team, making sure all of the children were happy, healthy, and tended to. During first term, we got to know each other and celebrating many events. By Christmas time, we were all speaking English and were becoming a closely knit group of Year One's. We came together to present our holiday play in front of our parents. I was so proud of their effort and bravery. Coming into Spring term, we were excited to continue our adventure. We were all surprised when our time together came to a quick halt. In March, we entered online learning. It was a confusing and difficult time for everyone. This is when Year One really began to shine. I continued to watch as your children matured, developed strong relationships, and strengthened academically - even from separate homes. I am still in complete awe in their ability to work together. Each child was considerate, patient, and kind to each other. They made teaching fun. In addition to all of this, the parents were supportive and helpful. They followed along with my various ideas, whether it was making a restaurant or going swimming in Hawaii. I cannot thank them enough in their effort to making learning fun. All in all, I am extremely proud of each and everyone of the Year One's. I know that they will grow to be strong individuals with big hearts. Thank you, Year One for the perfect year together.