It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter that I will write; what an extraordinary year it has been. The children have worked so hard this year and I could not be any prouder of them. It has been such a great pleasure being their teacher this year, a strong sentiment that I know Miss Kate feel too. We have made so many lovely, team Reception memories together! I will certainly miss being their teacher next year and look forward to seeing them back at school in September when I will be able to give them all a big hug. Attached are some photographs of some of my favourite moments during the course of the year. I hope that you enjoy them too.

And finally, I could not say goodbye without saying a huge thank you to all our wonderful Reception parents for your continued support this year, especially during the last three months of remote e-learning. It has been greatly valued and appreciated. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer holiday.


The last day of school… the closing of one door and the opening of another. I want to thank each child for all the warmth, the memories, and the learning that we have shared at school this year.

To the parents, I say THANK YOU for all the wonderful support that you have given me and more especially your children during the lockdown period. Without your support we simply would not have been able to achieve the standard of learning and participation, which has been so evident over the last few months. I would also like to thank you for allowing me to be your child’s teacher!

To all my Nursery students, I say THANK YOU! For when I teach, I also learn. This past year we have grown together. A little bit of each of you will always be with me. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me to have been able to observe how you slowly gained in confidence, as I had the privilege of becoming part of your unique little personalities. Always strive to be the BEST that you can be!

“I like the way you wait your turn. I like the way you love to share, I like the way you’ve grown to care. I like the way you make a plan, I like the way you say, “I can!” I like the way you sing and play, and know you’re special every day”.

“I’m glad I was your teacher I’ve come to love you so. I can’t believe the end is here. I hate to see you go”.

Good luck next year!