Year One

This week in Year One, we got in touch with our emotions. We wrote about what makes us happy, sad, angry, worried, or tired. After, we discussed how the emotions make our body feel (example: angry makes us feel tight). Afterwards, we labeled fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety as ‘Our Beast’. We drew ‘Our Beasts’ and discovered that it will not go away, but we can find ways to calm it down. We shared ideas for calming ‘Our Beast’.

Sonia – I find a fun activity to do.

Sofia – I play with my dog, Maggie or hug my Mum and Dad.

German – I play with my brother.

Robin – I talk it out.

GuoGuo – My mommy makes me laugh.

Hibiki – I do exercise or take deep breaths.

Michelle – I listen to music.

Timur – I talk it out with my Mum.

Owen – I eat healthy fruit.

Gleb - I have a drink of water.

Year 2

Year 2 loved Well-Being Week!! This week during our lessons, we spoke about ways we can relax our mind and body. Year 2 had wonderful suggestions! We practiced different types of relaxing breathing: rainbow breathing, bubble breathing and their favourite type was butterfly breathing! We tried different yoga poses. We tried a yoga pose for every letter of the alphabet! Year 2 enjoyed keeping a well-being diary this week on SeeSaw. They wrote about different ways to relax, what they enjoy doing at home, how to stay calm, how to show kindness to others and their favourite part of each day. Year 2 had great fun during the whole-school house event! It was wonderful to see so many children participate! Being calm and relaxed helps us to learn. It is difficult to learn if we are tensed or worried. We hope the children can continue to use some of the well-being strategies from this week to help them stay calm and relaxed during this time of quarantine.