This week, Reception joined in with EIS West’s Wellbeing Week; the experience of promoting health, happiness and feeling comfortable.

We launched our week by reading the story, Everybody Worries by Jan Burgerman. It was inspired by conversations with the author’s parent friends who weren’t sure how to explain what is happening right now to their small children. My favourite lines from the story:

“Even the bravest of the brave and the coolest of the cool worry. Worrying is normal when so much has changed.”

After listening to the story the children busily got to work creating and naming their own worry monsters and talked about the things that worry them and how it makes them feel. Over the course of the week, the children were introduced to a range of mindfulness breathing and meditation exercises and met Squish the fish and Popcorn the dolphin during their yoga session this week.

Some of the other activities that the children engaged in this week were:

  • Going on a sensory scavenger hunt
  • Creating a mindfulness collage from loose parts (small objects)
  • Blew giant bubble towers to find out what container shape would produce the tallest tower in Science
  • Investigated the effect of water on fruit Skittles to create beautiful rainbows
  • Made a rainbow on a plate using colourful fruit and vegetables to promote healthy eating
  • Listened to stories about kindness (The Rainbow Fish and Sharing a Shell) and facing their fears (The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark)

In Mathematics, the children were introduced to the concept of halving numbers and enjoyed playing a Rainbow Fish halving game, using a straw to catch the pairs of fish that belonged together.

It has been a really wonderful week.


Nursery started off the week with an assembly run by Ms. Abi on mindfulness and well-being. The children were able to participate in yoga exercises and experience some of the soothing massage therapy moves demonstrated by Ms. Abi. The children were reminded about the importance of kind words, thoughts and deeds. They were encouraged to verbalise some kind words about their friends, family and teachers.

During the week in line with our animal theme, Nursery was inspired to continue their yoga exercises with Cosmic Kids yoga and mindfulness all about monkeys. To complete this enjoyable activity Nursery were given the opportunity to complete some fun monkey crafts.