We are flowing through the term and the students are enjoying the prospects that there is only one month left.

Interpreting Data is at the forefront this week for the year 7 group. They are learning a new method for drawing pie charts as well as analysing data from one. They are looking at world data and seeing if they can represent it visually.

The Year 8’s is tackling equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign. They are using inverse operations step by step to solve these. They always must repeat what you do one side you must remember to do on the other side.

The Year 9 are doing investigations to consolidate their KS3 revision before getting a glimpse of IGCSE. We are also looking at the layout of what is waiting for the next 2 years before their exams and what will be expected of them and off the course.

Ivan now is just consolidating his work off the past year and previous years. He is looking at doing some investigations to make it interesting for the last month of his secondary schooling.


This week Year 7 students have begun a new topic on the Rulers of Russia. Starting with Ivan III, students have been learning about how the tsars began to add to their territory around Moscow to create modern day Russia. In Year 8 students are continuing to learn about the French Revolution and this week they are deciding whether Robespierre was the hero or villain of the revolution by creating a speech or a poster which puts forward their arguments. Next week students will be taking their KS3 assessments.


On this week Y9 students showed their creative assignments. They demonstrated that they understood well the topic that we are studying in a Russian lesson now.


Storytelling allows a person to indulge in fantasy and create an environment of their choosing. The plot may be logical and based upon true events or science, or can be fantastical and contain elements of magic and make-believe. Whatever the content, it allows us to escape everyday life and enjoy the journey of the characters.

The pupils have been challenged recently to create a story called ‘One Year After’ in which they had to write a story which starts around May 2021 and details how the world is coping with the effects of Covid19. They were allowed to use their imaginations and create a world of their choosing – is the world safe? Have countries come together peacefully? have the dangers of the disease gone? Has EIS reopened? Have zombies taken over?

Several pupils took up the challenge in which their entries will be submitted to a global writing competition where iPads and other devices can be won. And the ideas form the children have been amazing, with global peace nearing, certain countries becoming bankrupt, other countries taking over the world’s economy, President Trump opening a taco shop, and aliens collaborating with scientists to take control of the world.

Even though the pupils are cooped up at home because of lockdown, their imaginations are as active as ever! Well done to them all.


As it was Environment Week, the Year 7 students zoomed in on Global Warming while the year 8 students completed their topic on Climate Change with a PowerPoint presentation. The Year 9 students looked at the Biomes and Climatic features of the Middle East



Being Environmental week, I can not help to reflect on the changes taking place around us. Whilst the signs of Spring are evident in the green blanket that greets us every time we look out of our windows, there are reports from all over the world that a cleaner era is on the horizon. One of the positive outcomes of the lock down is that mother earth is getting a well-deserved break from pollution. The fact that thousands of factories are stopped from full production, and millions of cars are taken off the streets, definitely has a positive effect on the amount of greenhouse gasses being produced. Although we can not stop climate change, the past months showed us what could be accomplished when the 7.8 billion people on earth take hands by living a simpler lifestyle.

Since we completed the Biology courses for the whole of Secondary school, we took this time to revise the content with the Assessments of next week in mind. In Chemistry we are working as fast as we can to complete the Syllabus for the year, with Year 7 studying Sedimentary Rocks, Year 8 studying Antoine Levoisier and the Conservation of mass, and Year 9 the factors that influence the Rate of Reaction. Ivan in Year 11 completed his IGCSE Chemistry, and is working on past papers in preparation for his last exams taking place shortly.


Year 7 and 8 continue to work on the project Music from My Window. Year 7 presented some amazing works this week. Year 9 has explored the style and sound of two main jazz saxophone players of swing era Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. Also, year 9 has worked on 6/8 time signature, did rhythmic exercises and listened to songs in 6/8 time. They started to work on playing of Leonard Cohen Hallelujah.