This week Year 7 students have begun an independent research topic on a famous person from the middle ages. Students were encouraged to research a person they had chosen and then ask them 5 interview questions. Projects on people such as Genghis Khan and Leonardo Da Vinci were submitted. Next week the students task is to create a model which represents the achievements of their famous person. In Year 8 students have continued to study the French Revolution, learning about ‘The Terror’ and Robespierre, the man who led the revolution during this period.


We spent the week completing outstanding work. I want to encourage the students to continue doing this as we are now getting to crunch time with reports that must be finalized. Attending conferences is still required as we prepare for our assessment week. Looking at the selfies I was sent, the Year 7 students now have a clear understanding of what Globalisation is. Year 8 students will complete their topic on Climate Change with a PowerPoint presentation. This will tie in nicely with our theme for next week. The Year 9 students looked at the Geographical features of the Middle East.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim students Eid Mubarak. Do have a blessed day with those nearest and dearest.


This week have settled the start of revision in French for all year groups in secondary. Pupils are trying hard to remember what has already been learnt. They practice the rules by doing exercises either online and in written form. But Year 9 pupils will do their revision in other way. They will start reading « The Little Prince » in French and while reading they will work on lexical and grammar material.


As the pupils have settled back into the online learning routine after the end of term break, the focus of the classes has switched towards the end of term assessments. Despite the unusual situation we all find ourselves in, the learning continues and with that so do the pupils’ goals.

In Year 7, the class have been looking at articles about Sky Diving in Dubai and about the Chilean miners trapped underground for more than 2 months in 2010. The texts are interesting in their content but the pupils have to prove their understanding of them.

The Year 8 class have studied articles about a cruise ship and the amazing and vast variety of activities and services available on board for the holiday makers, along with a text about a person who fondly remembers the experience of living in a small remote wooden cabin high up in the snowy Norwegian mountains, and compares that to the living style in the dense canyons of New York City.

The History of Tea was the topic for Year 9. It has a long history dating back over 2,500 years and has become hugely popular in countries around the world in recent centuries, especially in Britain and Russia. It is interesting that in one country the black stimulant is drowned in milk while in another it is infused with lemon.

While the topics of the texts are interesting to read, the objectives of the exercises are not to develop the pupils’ knowledge, though that is a beneficial add on, but rather to practice and develop their comprehension and extracting skills. One word can change the meaning of a sentence immensely and it is vital that the pupils are able to understand and interpret these differences.


Students have now settled back in the routine and is work at full pace.

Year 7 are finishing up the equation’s topic. At first, they were struggling with the concepts and the steps but as we worked through the problems etc., they are starting to get the hang of it. They are enjoying that feeling of accomplishing something for the first time and is gaining much confidence in their abilities.

The Year 8’s is also finishing their topic and is analysing graphs to identify what type of relationship the entities have with each other. They use this information to predict what will happen in different scenarios.

The Year 9 will finish their year work and revision this Friday. They are so excited because they will start preparing for IGCSE studying. They will look at the layout of the forth coming two years and will also visit some of the topics that will be covered.

Ivan has gain much so far in the analysis of his mocks and is finishing the analysis of them this week. He is revising the other topics and is getting his foundation ready for the next academic year.


Whilst humans are in lock down, the Scientific world evolves on other platforms, such as Social Media. An exciting new discovery was made earlier this month - the identification of a new species of Fungi living on Centipedes. This was done when a Danish Scientist received a photo of a Centipede on Twitter, and immediately noticed the weird looking Fungi on the surface of the worm. After some research, the fungus was indeed found to be new, and was given the appropriate Scientific name of Troglomyces twitteri.

Since this discovery coincides with the Year 7’s lesson about Invertebrates, a large group of animals without a backbone, we found this quite exciting. The Year 8’s learnt about the different types of Drugs, specifically about the negative effects of Nicotine on the body. Everyone agreed that we should all stay away from Drugs!

With Environmental week ahead, Year 7 started learning about different types of Rocks, and we will continue investigating the formation of Rocks as part of Environmental week. The Year 8 and 9 classes are studying Chemical Reactions. Year 8 explored the Conservation of Mass – the idea that that Mass and Matter can’t be destroyed. We will delve into this deeper during Environmental week by asking questions such as what happens when statues are destroyed by Acid Rain. Year 9 looked at factors that influence the Rate of Reaction, and we will further explore this topic by searching for ways in which we can slow down Pollution and other Environmental stressors.

Ivan in Year 11 is working hard in preparation for his final Science Exams. He is showing true dedication by attending Zoom meetings and dutifully doing additional work.


Some KS3 students have shown home reading results and continue to prepare their creative projects.


Years 7 and 8 are continuing the project Music From My Window where theyexplore how music enriches and complements the video.

All secondary students have have studies the Beatles this week - what the band members names are, what instruments they played. Year 7 and 9 have learnt Hey Jude and Year 8 Obladi Oblada song.