Year 3

In class this week we have been focusing much of our learning on this week’s theme of ‘Environment’. As our Topic theme for the term is ‘Rainforests’ it has tied in nicely. We have been researching the difficult subject of deforestation. The students have been learning that while wood is such a common place material in school and around the home, it has to come from somewhere. Furthermore, the students have been learning that many of the foods they eat often come from farms which have been made by the removal of forests and how deforestation can lead to some serious global health problems. In discussions students have expressed their surprise, recognizing the value of both sides of the deforestation argument and come up with suggestions for ways to reduce deforestation while still having access to these everyday materials.

In Maths we have been collecting data about the amounts and colours of cars on the road and turning these into pictograms. In English, students have been identifying a sentence often contains a single idea and recognizing where to place full stops at the end of these sentences. Science has had the students recording their observations of the growth of our plants, making suggestions and offering ideas about reasons why plants that have access to adequate water and light will grow better than those which lack one of these important elements of survival.

Year 4

In Year 4 this week we explored the nervous system, learning about neurons, the brain and the spinal cord. We learned that different parts of our brain control different parts of our body. In Topic we had the opportunity to learn about hieroglyphs and how we would have written our names if we were ancient Egyptians. We learned about Vincent Van Gogh and what makes his art significant – we then tried to create our own art pieces inspired by this artist. We learned how to summarise a story in English and the meaning of the very big word ‘appendage’. In Math we explored the properties of different kinds of shapes and how we can identify these shapes in the world around us. It has surely been a very busy week, well done Year 4 for staying positive and enthusiastic about learning!

Year 5

I have been delighted with Year 5 once again this week. I have had full attendance on most of my Conference calls all week with excellent participation and contribution from everyone. We have been very much focused on shared writing to develop our own independent writing skills and hopefully the confidence and mindset to write more freely! However, I would rather highlight the children’s own unique attributes which they bring into class every day. Yo has been relaxed yet still inquisitive this week; Adrienne always injects her mature and individual thoughts and ideas into discussions; Sissi always sparkles with enthusiasm and intelligence; Dakota is ever respectful and quietly, very determined; Aden has very strong oracy in lessons which shapes the direction of our shared work and finally, Jinu’s sense of humour always keeps everyone amused and afloat! Well done children. Let’s have more of the same and keep it up!

Year 6

We have had a very busy but fun week in Year 6. This week we had been given a number of video challenges, which tested our creativity and made us think of new ways to use everyday objects. As well for Environmental week, we were given a photo challenge to go out and try and photograph various objects from nature, everything from flowers to animal droppings … eww. It was a lot of fun and gave us a chance to look more carefully at the world around us. It has been a fun week.

Physical Education

During PE lessons, children continued work on their balance and coordination skills. Also we studied round workout non-stop, where children showed their stamina.


KS2. Year 4 and 5 continue to listen and analize space pieces of Gustav Holst's Planets. Year 6 were exploring chamber music this week. Now they now why chamber ensembles do not need a conductor and how many players are in a quintet. Also, Year 6 enjoyed listening the Bond quartet, the first all girls string quartet who started to perform on the electric instruments and made pop arrangements of classical music.