Year 3

No rest for the wicked in Year 3 this week with more challenges being met and exceeded by students. In English we have finished our simple short stories which focused on the different word and organizational skills we have been working on. We have also covered areas such as speech marks, bullet points and the different ways commas can be used in a sentence.

Maths has continued our problem-solving work. This has been an interesting process for some of the students, as they have needed to not only solve the problems, but also think about how many different answers a question might have and the different processes needed to solve the problems.

In Topic we have continued identifying the different types of rainforests, their positions on the globe and their different characteristics. In Science, we have identified the different elements that all living things need to survive and making predictions on the impact of the growth of plants if one or more of these important was not present.

Year 4

This week we had a lot of fun exploring the 1960’s. We looked at fashion in the 1960’s and created our own fashion designs. We also completed our Ancient Egyptian Art projects in Art. In Science we learned about the muscular system and learned about the different kinds of muscles in our body, we also learned that some muscles move voluntarily and some function involuntarily.

Year 5

This has been a tiring, yet productive week. For many reasons we have all felt tired, the weather has been all over the place and it has felt unseasonably chilly however the children have all been turning up for Zoom calls and the quality of their participation and work has been great and uplifting. With the 60’s theme this week we have been very much focused on the Pop Art of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and I have been delighted with the examples of work from everyone. Our other subjects have not been ignored as we continue to read I, Cosmo, preparing to write a diary entry and reinforce our written methods for multiplication of big numbers by big numbers!

Year 6

Year 6 has had a very busy week, plus we had a lot of fun! This week we have been working hard learning how to scale objects, up and down in Maths. We also have been working very hard on learning about various events from the 1960’s. We have been looking at everything from Fashion to the Moon landing. Also we had a lot of fun dressing up in 1960s clothing, it has been a great week.


During this week primary pupils have been trying very hard on revision of what they have been studying for the whole year in French. Sometimes it seems difficult to them to return to the beginning and to remember the verbs and new words. But it will be very useful for them in the first term of our new academic year at EIS.


KS 2 students worked hard in the classroom with new topics that were interesting.

Physical Education

During PE lessons, children have been develop their balance and coordination skills. Also, we improved our physical agility. Such as sit-ups, plank and different variation of squats. Thank you for your hard- work and motivation in online classes.


KS2. Years 4 and 5 continued to explore Space in music. They were watching Apollo 11 launch from 1969 with Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra accompaniment. Students have analized that piece in terms of music elements and learnt the intro melody.