Year 1

Another busy week has passed full of morning meetings, daily reading and lots of hard work every day! We have really enjoyed our mornings playing maths spinners, code crackers, tens and ones, our usual Friday Kahoot and a British game show favourite 'Play Your Cards Right'.

In English, Year 1 have been reading the start of a book called 'Who Lives Here' that is all about nature, the seasons and animals. We enjoyed recalling the main parts of the beginning of the story, discussing and drawing our favourite seasons and started to learn how to write facts about animals. As usual for the class, phonics has been a daily focus and it is wonderful to read with the children every day by exploring different types of texts. We have enjoyed playing on Phonics Play too, where we can revise our phonic skills too.

Maths lessons have seen the class very busy as they have been learning how to divide small numbers. We have focused on dividing by 2 and 3 and then onto 4 and 5, using groups to help us share equally. The videos have helped us a lot so we can recap and check what we know before starting our work.

In Science, we have been learning about the seasons and what causes them. We watched an interesting video book and talked about our favourite season and why. It was lovely to see children writing in full sentences and using 'because' to explain their reasons.

We have been very busy with our ICT lessons and learning new skills every week. We have continued looking at very basic Java Script and this week we looked at programming double rotations using a panda to help us! It was really fun because the task felt more like a game!

Well done Year 1 and keep up the great work!

Year 2

It was the 1960’s at EIS South West and Year 2 became groovy very quickly! Amazing photos, videos and outfits, guys!

In English, we did comprehension on ‘the swinging 60’s’, as well as Topic work on Neil Armstrong and Dr Martin Luther King. We also completed our Year 2 objectives on fractions and halving/doubling.

In Science, we designed healthy daily lifestyle plans in various formats. Year 2 definitely how to have a healthy body but did you know they also have very healthy brains? Well, for PSHE, they have been doing daily ‘breath bubbles’ which has allowed them to de-stress and increase their oxygen intake.

I guess it’s all far out, man! Peace!

“A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.”

Helen Keller

Physical Education

During PE lessons, children have been develop their balance and coordination skills. Also, we improved our physical agility. Such as sit-ups, plank and different variation of squats. Thank you for your hard- work and motivation in online classes.


Following the 60s theme of the week KS1 has learnt about the Beatles. Students enjoyed singing Yellow Submarine and Year 2 learnt to play the chorus melody on virtual piano. Year 2 had two online performances this week - Miller played his piano piece and Belis performed the music from Harry Petter.


This week, students continued to study the Russian programme. KS1 students enthusiastically performed entertaining exercises.