We have come to the end of another very busy week in EYFS. This week the children were very engaged in our Zoom calls and attended the calls with enthusiasm and demonstrated fantastic listening skills, especially when we played "Simon Says". It took awhile but eventually they were pros at the game. Ayan even took the lead and caught us all out!

The children have continued to work hard on their phonics and did very well with their informal assessment held on Zoom. Our theme across the school this week was the Environment. We looked at a map of the world and learned about the oceans of the world as well as the animals. During our Zoom call, we looked at pictures of air, land and water pollution and were very sad to see so much damage to the environment. The children spoke about how they could help the environment. We listened to the story of the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

For Maths this week the reception children continued with the activities based on Supertato. They completed patterns using potato shapes as well as organising the vegetables into a race. They had to decide which vegetable was going to win the race based on their shape. One of the activities was to plant a sprouting potato or a carrot and watch it for 100 days to see it grow.

The Nursery children continued their work on counting and number recognition as well as completing an adding activity.

Some of the children used this week to catch up on the activities that they had not had a chance to do yet.

It has been a very productive week and the children have been absolutely amazing with their commitment to their work. Well done EYFS.


Early Years enjoyed singing songs about galloping ponies and creeping mice. Students were working on feeling the tempo of the music and keeping steady beats with their percussion instruments.