In early years, we continued with our Jungle theme. The children participated in a jungle themed Maths game where they had to identify the shapes and then follow instructions related to the actions of some of the jungle animals. In keeping with our jungle theme, the children also made their own rainsticks, and they seem to have worked because we have enjoyed quite a bit of rain this week. I have enjoyed my Zoom calls with the children, on Wednesday the children participated in a scavenger hunt and had great fun collecting various objects from around the house. Seeing that this week at school the theme was 1960's, we were treated to some amazing dance moves from the children. They listened to the story What does Peace feel like and after that made really colourful paper plate peace signs.


Early Years were exploring the genre of lullaby learning about its tempo and dynamics. They were singing lullabies to their favorite toys. Also, they have listened the Swan and the Fossils from the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saen.